Make special moments more significant

Have fun as you share momentous occasions with friends and family through photos, videos, audio clips, and animated pictures.



  • Personalise your texts to your friends
  • Available in English and Arabic
  • Take a great picture with your phone's built-in camera and send it to your family
  • Listen to the latest sports highlights and watch music videos
  • Share graphs and plans with your colleagues while out of the office
  • Watch the latest financial reports as soon as they are announced
  • Send MMS maps to help visitors find their way to your office


  • Sending MMS messages: Depending on your device’s capabilities, you can add text, sound and video to the selected picture. You can send a message to up to 10 mobile numbers in the UAE at once, or to any email address
  • Receiving MMS messages: You will be notified when you receive an MMS. Just click on the message received icon to view your message. There is no charge for receiving messages
  • Send/receive while abroad: If you are an Etisalat customer, you can send and receive MMS to/from other Etisalat customers while abroad
  • Forwarding an MMS message: If you don't want to receive MMS on your mobile while roaming, you can forward your MMS to another mobile number or to your email

DISCLAIMER: Etisalat is not responsible nor liable for content transmitted through the Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS).


*5% VAT excluded

GPRS roaming charges will be applied when you send/receive MMSs while roaming. For Postpaid customers, it will be distant operator GPRS roaming charge plus 15% Etisalat mark-up and for Prepaid customers, it will be normal GPRS band of charge.

How to use

If you are a new Postpaid/Prepaid mobile customer, you will receive the MMS setting via SMS as soon as you insert the SIM card into your device. Save this setting in your handset to start using the MMS service.

If you are an existing Postpaid/Prepaid mobile customer, follow the steps below:

  1. Text “s mms” to 1010 or dial *122*2*4*2#.
  2. You will then receive an SMS.
  3. Save and you're now ready to use the service.

Activate MMS forwarding

  1. Text “a mmsf 050xxxxxxx” to 1010 for the message to be forwarded to an Etisalat mobile or text “a mmsf xxxx@etisalat.ae” to 1010 if you want the message to be forwarded to your email.
  2. Dial 125 from your mobile phone and follow the instructions OR press 2741 immediately after dialling 125 to directly activate the service.
  3. Dial *122*2*3*1# from your mobile phone and follow the instructions.

Deactivate MMS forwarding

  1. Text “d mmsf” to 1010.
  2. Dial *122*2*3*1# from your mobile phone and follow the instructions.

Important to know

The must-know details about this service.

International destinations & operators for MMS

Etisalat has an agreement with almost 50 destinations to send and receive MMSs.

Sending MMS To any destination in the world

  • The new and enhanced MMS solution enables you to send MMSs to any destination number in the world, even for the operators who do not have a direct agreement with Etisalat. However, if the destination number's operator does not have an agreement with Etisalat, the MMS will be sent as SMS notification, providing a link and password to view and download the MMS through the website. You can also reply back via internet from the same website
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