Mobile Registration Renewal

Simply log in to My Etisalat UAE app to to renew your Emirates ID card.

Mobile Registration Renewal at Your Finger Tips

Under the U.A.E. Telecommunication & Digital Government Regulatory Authority (TDRA) guidelines and policy for Mobile Consumer Registration, all mobile subscribers are urged to maintain their ID Document registration information updated. The same can be easily achieved by renewing your registration information over the use of a verity of fast and easy to use Digital Channels offered by Etisalat at your fingertips.
Please make sure while processing registration renewal that information provided is correct, updated, desired mobile number(s) are selected and eContract details along with the Terms & Conditions are read before finally submitting the request.

With our continuous strive to serving you better we bring herewith our newly enhanced and digitalized channels including Etisalat website, My Etisalat UAE App, Smart Kiosks, Etisalat partners and Direct Stores.

Simply log in to My Etisalat UAE app with your username and password. Select ‘Renew My Line’ under ‘My Links’ to renew your registration.

How to renew


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Required documents

To renew your registration, you need to provide the documents below:

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Verifying and maintaining the valid ID details

The registered mobile numbers will stay active as long as the ID is valid. Once the ID expires, you will have to renew the registration of the mobile numbers again. In case you do not renew the registration of your mobile numbers after ID expiry, then those mobile numbers will be suspended and disconnected. An auto notification will be sent via SMS to remind you to update your ID details.

Track your mobile registration

Simply track your mobile registration status by clicking the button here.

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