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The Telecom Regulatory Authority - TRA has introduced a new policy which requires you to renew the registration of all your etisalat mobile numbers by updating your profiles with valid and up-to-date ID details.

All you need to do is update your profile with your up-to-date original and valid ID details and specify the mobile numbers (SIM cards) under your name that you would like to renew registration for.
Those numbers you don't wish to renew registration for will then be disconnected and removed from your profile.

Renewing registration of your mobile accounts is mandatory. Therefore, any registration failure will result in disconnection of those mobile numbers.



Option 1 - Online Registration

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Required Documents

To renew your registration, you need to provide the documents below:

Type Required documents
UAE national Original valid Emirates ID
GCC national Original valid Emirates ID or original valid GCC ID or original valid passport
UAE resident Original valid Emirates ID
Government/Business entities - Government Decree or valid Establishment Card (for government entities)
- Valid Establishment Card (for business entities)
- Valid original Emirates ID and passport with visa page of the authorised person(for both government and business entities)

How to track my mobile registration

You can track your mobile registration status by clicking "Track Request Status".

Track Request Status

Verifying And Maintaining The Valid ID details

The registered mobile numbers will stay active as long as the ID is valid. Once the ID expires, you will have to renew the registration of the mobile numbers again. In case you do not renew the registration of your mobile numbers after ID expiry, then those mobile numbers will be suspended and disconnected. An auto notification will be sent via SMS to remind you to update your ID details.