iPhone for Life

Get a free iPhone upgrade every year


To be eligible to upgrade to the latest iPhone: You need to be an existing subscriber on the iPhone for Life programme on iPhone 8, 8 Plus or iPhone X. Your old smartphone will be upgraded after the evaluation of the etisalat technical expert team. If the device is evaluated as in “Good condition”, it will be accepted. You will return the old device and be upgraded to the next new model.
• Free upgrade: To be eligible for a free upgrade to the next new iPhone, you should complete at least the initial 12-month contract period of the device.
• Early Upgrade: If you have not completed the initial 12-month contract period of the device, and elect to upgrade to the new smartphone, an upgrade charge will apply.
• You will be subjected to an early upgrade fee calculated as follows: monthly instalment charge of the smartphone plan x the number of months remaining to complete the initial 12-month period.
• Enrollments and Upgrades through iPhone for life Program is currently closed.

Let us guide you

Simple Steps to follow

Make sure your device is ready
- Make sure your iPhone is in good working condition
- Be aware of all the passwords, locking pens on the device
- Backup your old device’s data before you bring it
Return Your Device
- If the device is prepared for upgrade, you can visit selected etisalat stores
- Your device will be evaluated by our technical team
- If the device is accepted by the technical team, you can now return your old iPhone, choose the new device contract at 18/24 months, and renew your iPhone for Life programme


At the time of upgrade make sure that:

1. Your old iPhone is in good working condition. It is possible to switch on the old iPhone and have access to the old iPhone’s IMEI number by pressing *#06# (the IMEI should match the old iPhone originally purchased).
2. The old smartphone must have the same device model, capacity and International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) number as the Apple iPhone purchased through etisalat with the smartphone Plan.
3. In case the old smartphone has been replaced by Apple or Apple Store, the user is required to show a documentation proof of replacement. The store will photocopy and keep a copy of the proof with the device.
4. The old iPhone functions normally, for example, it is capable of making and receiving calls, can connect to the internet and the touchscreen functions properly.
5. The old iPhone is free from physical damage, except for normal wear and tear (for example, it does not have liquid damage, a cracked or discoloured display or casing, connector damage or faulty or broken SIM reader).
6. The old iPhone is provided with a fully functioning battery.
7. The old iPhone do not have disassembled, customised or non-original parts.
8. All activation and locking features of the old iPhone have been disabled (e.g. find my device on iOS 7+ devices).
9. The SIM card has been removed from the old iPhone.
10. The memory card (if any) has been removed from the old iPhone.
11. The old device will be accepted after the evaluation of etisalat technical team.
12. The user will be required to return the old device to be replaced with the new one.